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This is a set of very detailed, professionally produced orchestral music tracks for some of the most common settings in games, including heroic main themes, music for town settings, desert landscapes, boss battles, etc.

Get custom music from me: https://www.fiverr.com/share/gDa3xW

*V1.1 update: included 2 new tracks, one for jungle and another one for battle settings.

All the music tracks have precisely placed loop points within the files, so it's very easy to make the music loop flawlessly, in Unity for example. There are also some musical sound effects for some common situations such as a triumph fanfare, a game over sound, a sound for secret discovery and a few more.

The music in this pack has all been traditionally notated and then produced using industry standard, professional tools, with much care and attention to detail.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbgm, free, Music, orchestra, orchestral, symphonic


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BGM01hero.wav 9 MB
BGM02evil.wav 11 MB
BGM03prairie.wav 20 MB
BGM04town.wav 9 MB
BGM05castle.wav 9 MB
BGM06adventure.wav 11 MB
BGM07battle.wav 10 MB
BGM08boss1.wav 11 MB
BGM09boss2.wav 12 MB
BGM10desert.wav 17 MB
BGM11bazaar.wav 10 MB
BGM12dungeon1.wav 15 MB
BGM13dungeon2.wav 10 MB
BGM14chase.wav 11 MB
BGM15shrine.wav 7 MB
MS01triumph.wav 1 MB
MS02gameover.wav 2 MB
MS03discovery.wav 1 MB
MS04completion.wav 1 MB
MS05secret.wav 882 kB
MS06door.wav 679 kB
BGM16jungle.wav 13 MB
BGM17battle2.wav 12 MB
OrchestralMusicPro1.1.pdf 384 kB

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Used your music for all of the music in my game.  I did put your shrine music through Audacity to slow it down and it fit really well for credits music.


Would love your thoughts on it.

THanks for letting me know, going to check it out!

These are great, thank you! I especially love Prairie, it reminds me of the world map music from FF8 <3


Used some of these in my new game, thanks tons!! https://westopia.itch.io/ari

Thank you for letting me know! Greetings.

Could I use these for commercial use?